Dienstag, 27. September 2016

Sonntag, 11. September 2016


We didn't have loads of time in Thailand but wanted to see most of the country so we did quite
some traveling. After flying up to Chiang Mai we took another plane down to Surat Thani four days
later. Bus and ferry got us to Koh Samui where we stayed at the Chaweng Beach, to Koh
Phangan next and then to Koh Tao - we spend two nights on each island "only".

But somehow that was definitely enough, especially for Koh Samui since I didn't like it that much there.
It's not that I didn't enjoy the day we had, it's just that the island is super touristy. But even in
Chaweng you can be surrounded by Thais only if you want to, just get away from the main road and check
out the local market for example. Besides of a nice atmosphere it offers loads of yummy food -
fresh fruits/veges as well as meat sticks, deep fried bananas etc. So good!

On Koh Phangan we met up with a friend of mine from back home and hat the best 24 hours ever. With a
scooter rented at our hotel for 250 Baht (6,30€) we drove to a small beach in the North of the island to
see an amazing sunset.We then made our way through the dark jungle to another tiny beach were we watched
the stars and talked about everything and nothing til 4am. I just love these kind of evenings... At first I was
a bit afraid to go by scooter since it was my first time ever but it was way easier than expected. And
feeling the warm wind and the speed gave me such an amazing feeling of freedom. So shoud
you travel South East Asia, do yourself the favour and rent a scooter, it's so much fun!

Koh Tao was a must for us, the island we were looking forward to the most. It wasn't too clever
to get there on Thai New Year - even though our guesthouse was only five minutes by foot from the pier we
were soaked in water when we arrived - but the traditional water fight on the streets without our backpacks
later on was great! The island is pretty small and everyone is basically "just" hanging out at Sairee Beach in the
West but we loved the chilled atmosphere. Like probably everyone else we HAD to go to Koh Nang Yuan,
the prettiest island ever. It really looks like paradise there and is definitely worth the day trip. Just keep
in mind to take some money with you - the longboat costs 250 Baht (6,30€) per person return, they will charge
you an entrance fee of 100 Baht (2,50€) to get onto the island and since you are not allowed to use your
towel to lay on you will probably end up paying another 150 Baht (2,60€) for two sunbeds with a
parasol. Walk up to the viewpoint, go snorkling (you might be as lucky as we were and see sharks!) and enjoy
the time. But make sure to get to Koh Nang Yuan early in the morning - not later than 8:30am or 9am - in
order to have the island more or less for yourself. Afterwards it is getting extremely crowded.

Our island hopping ended on Koh Lanta, definitely my favourite isle. Getting there was quite a trip (seven hours
on a night boat, eight hours in various busses) but we rewarded ourselves with four nights in a guesthouse
at Klong Nin Beach and loved the relaxed time. But first things first: exploring the island by scooter. Laid-back
Lanta Old Town has got a lot of charm with its wooden houses on stilts over the water and is definitely
worth a visit. It's probably pretty chilled to have a guesthouse there but all the beaches are on the other side of
the island so that's where basically everyone is staying. Again, I was super in love with going everywhere by
scooter - I mean how cool is it to casually jump on it to drive to the tiny restaurant you discovered the day
before in the middle of nowhere to have breakfast?! The last two days were spent at the beach, soaking
up the sun and getting tanned. Watching the sunset, drinking a cocktail and then going for an evening
swim completely naked made me realise that life really isn't too bad after all... It's actually pretty cool.

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